Athlete's Steps to Success

You want to Improve your Performance
When you become aware of 'what' you need to change, don't feel afraid to speak about it. The first step to succeeding in Sports or Life starts with a single small step
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You an make big changes by taking small steps. This small step will help me to support you by giving you chance to see yourself from a different perspective and explore many possibilities.
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We will speak about your sports performance and develop a personalised plan for you. It will consist of different goals you wish to achieve in your sports performance. We will work on developing new mental skills using strategies that you can practice in your training and upcoming competitions. I may visit your training session to help you practice the skills during your training session.
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The New YOU
I will support you throughout the entire journey. You will notice how your mental skills have transferred into your game. Your new skills will become a part of your 'New SELF'


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I can help you change your Mindset

You don’t need to be facing a crisis to see a sport psychologist. I can support you to improve your existing skills by turning your challenges into strengths. I can help you in two ways

Performance Enhancement 

We will conduct performance profiling which consists of evaluating your existing skills and improving them further to reach the next level in your Sports Performance. This will consist of skills such as

Confidence building


Improving Self-talk

Time management

Improving Communication

Overcoming Sporting Challenges

Sporting Challenges are part of every athlete’s career. I will support you to overcome the challenges using therapeutic skills and strategies build around your stronger mental skills. This will consist of skills such as

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Overcoming the fear of making mistakes

Dealing with injuries

Managing Stress

Overcoming sporting traumas

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