My passion lies in helping athletes and professionals to achieve

I will help you to find your Key to Success

Free 30-minute phone consultation will help me understand your challenges and create a plan of action


I can help you with

Individual Performance Support

I can help you to strengthen your mental game by overcoming any obstacles; mental, physical or emotional. Sports performance is an expression of your mental skills. Together, we will create a tailored development plan

Group Workshops

Every sports team aims towards achieving a crucial shared goal. I analyse your team’s needs and deliver specific workshops to help every single individual in your team. I also conduct coach development workshops

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness is a mental skill that allows you to give your 100% in the present moment. I specialise in training athletes and individuals from professional backgrounds to become mindful and cultivate intentional living

Results I've Helped Create

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Sarah’s advice and support and the practice of mindfulness meditation helped me believe in myself and ultimately become the No1 in England in my age group for Table Tennis. Although I fractured my ankle 6 months ago, rather than having self defeating thoughts, through Sarah’s compassionate meditation techniques, I was able to understand that this was just a challenge that I needed to overcome on route to my quest to become the No1. Through mindfulness meditation Sarah helped me to practice controlled breathing techniques and to become in the present moment, which allowed me to focus on 1 point at a time when I was playing competition which was important when there were tight matches. The techniques I have learnt from Sarah are not solely used in my sport but are easily transferable to all parts of my everyday life. Thank you Sarah for all your help so far!
Table Tennis
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Sarah has really helped me with my tennis mental game and she has played a huge role in my recent tennis successes. She was great at showing me a whole new way of looking into how I think and how I can change my mental game that would work for me. She is such a lovely person who is very dedicated to her patients and Is very good at adapting the way she conveys her knowledge depending on the client. She is a great person to be in contact with and I know she shows such a deep interest and understanding towards people’s sporting struggles and is a very relatable person to speak to!
Jess Peace
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Sarah provided our undergraduate sport psychology class with a wonderful guest lecture, ‘Mindfulness in Sports Performance.’ Sarah was insightful, energetic, clearly an expert in the subject matter, and gave one of the clearest and most practically valuable accounts of mindfulness and its applicability to performance contexts that I’ve heard. I’d highly recommend Sarah as a guest speaker and to any organisation looking for a consultant to enhance the performance and well-being of their membership through mindfulness. Simply excellent. Dr. Michael McDougall Assistant Professor of Psychology, Keystone College Director of Consulting and Projects at Org Change
Dr. Michael McDougall
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Keystone College Director of Consulting and Projects at Org Change
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"Sarah has been so helpful to my daughter Lucy who had a riding fall where she and the pony fell through a fence which made her lose her confidence and she was due to be in a final within 3 weeks! she kept visualising the fall each time she approached a fence so Sarah helped to change her mindset which she did in only a few sessions she helped her to focus on the positive and to treat the final just like any other competition. She gave her breathing exercises and talked to Lucy in such a relaxed but confident manner enabling Lucy to create headspace! Sarah was very professional but at the same time has a very friendly and positive approach which enabled Lucy to get to the final with so much more confidence, she did not win but she took part and got round and came out and said ‘I want to do it again’ which was a good sign. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone as she has great knowledge having competed at top level herself and she is so easy to talk to we would certainly use her again and she followed up sessions very well. Thank you again Sarah! Martin, Sue & Lucy"
Mother of Lucy Atkins, Equestrian
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"Sarah has been helping our male and female rugby students for a large part of the season and has been a credit to our academy. Not only on a team basis, but 1:1 as well. We have had a number of students who have contacted Sarah and they have been very impressed with how much Sarah has helped them to develop their pschological skills. From dealing with pressure to visualisation, it has been a fantastic addition to our academy programme. I highly reccomend Sarah and we will definitely be using her again!"
Rugby Coach
Bristol Academy of Sports
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"In the short space of 5 weeks , I have already seen differences in my sporting and educational performances. She has helped me concentrate and given me new ways to prepare . She’s very clear and understanding which is always good . Thank you Sarah"
Fooball and Cricket
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Sarah has an inviting and reassuring approach to sessions and as we explored meditation, I was impressed by her extensive background knowledge and openness to questions. Very professional and I certainly started a great journey into the world of meditation. Thank you
Jenny Clark
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I have attended the workshop of Sarah about Visualisations and I found it EXTREMELY USEFUL for sports and for any area of your life. With scientific understanding of the effectiveness of the Visualisation and the different kind of Visualisations according with their purpose. I recommend Sarah's service and her trainings; I am just waiting for the next one!!
NLP Coach
Time of Coaching

Institutions and Organisations I have supported with Sports and Performance Psychology

How does it work?

Everything you discuss in a session will be 100% CONFIDENTIAL in line with the British Psychological Society’s Ethical Guidelines

“I am a former international Judo player. I will have an idea of what you are going through. I have probably been through it myself”

Many people definitely identify with concepts of who they are, what they can achieve, what they can and cannot have or who they can and cannot be. People often believe that they need to define themselves in a certain way and follow certain rules in order to ‘achieve’ or ‘belong’. They feel the need to have definite ‘self-concepts’.

My core philosophy lies in making my clients realize that they can be whoever they want to be in the ‘present moment’ and that the past doesn’t need to define them. Our past does ‘shape’ us but it does not define who we are in the present moment. 

I have achieved my chartered status with the British Psychological Society. I have five years of experience as a Sports and Performance Psychologist through my initial placement with the Bristol Academy of Sports and my private practice. I have conducted various workshops and individual sessions related to Sports and Performance Psychology helping teams and individuals to achieve THE IMPOSSIBLE!

Your Goals
Make a list of your existing goals, it's okay if nothing comes to mind. I will help you set achievable goals
Free Telephone Consultation
I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your goals and create a 'Development Plan' to help you reach your mental peak
First Session
Your first session can be carried out online or in person. You will be assigned with some strategies or tasks at the end of the session. In addition, we will schedule follow up sessions
Show Commitment
Practice is 'key' to achieving any goal. You will need to commit to the 'change' you want to see in yourself
Transformation Complete
You will start experiencing the 'change' in your thoughts, emotions and behaviour leading to your goal

Get Instant Access to The FreeImportance of Sports Psychology Webinar

Sport Psychology is not a new concept but we often forget how the whole sporting community, culture, and performance environment can impact athletes’ performance. In this webinar, I have addressed how athlete wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility. I speak in English and Hindi throughout this webinar for 130 members of the Indian Sports Community. You can post your questions through your social links or email me at sarah@sarahmajid.com

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