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 Psychological and Spiritual Perspective

Pillars of Mindfulness

1 : 1 Mindfulness Coaching

Living in the present moment

The only time you have is ‘right now’. It’s easy to understand this at an intellectual level. Mindfulness Meditation allows you to apply this in your daily life. Mindfulness is a state of mind that can be cultivated through practice and deeper ‘knowing’ of yourself and your environment. Throughout my teachings, I always mention what buddha says ‘”don’t take my word for it. Experience true wisdom for yourself yourself”

Mindfulness Meditation for Athletes

Awareness and Non-judgemental view

Mindfulness meditation originated from Buddhist teachings. Awareness of your inner self leads to insight into your patterns of reactions. Once you are aware, you will learn to be compassionate and kind while remaining non-judgemental towards yourself. How you treat yourself is ultimately how you treat others. Your awareness will create a wave of kindness and compassion around you.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

Attention and Intention

Attention is like a light torch in a dark forest. You will only see the part that is lit up. sharpening your attention is crucial to cultivating a Mindfulness.  Human beings are born with basic good intentions which are often clouded by biases,  negative emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness allows you to clear these clouds of negativity and embrace your true good intentions. Intentional living counters the negativity that comes with biases we have developed over time.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

You can book a Mindfulness workshop for your employees or athletes

This workshop will consist of 3 two hours sessions

Introduction to Mindfulness

Role of Love and Compassion in Mindfulness

Building Resilience through Wisdom

Mindfulness Meditation Training in Sports


Mindfulness Meditation Training in Sports is a Six- week Programme that consists of weekly session of 1 hour every week or 30minutes twice per week. Athletes are taught how to meditate and expected to meditate for at least 10 minutes daily between our weekly sessions. 

I have developed this workshop based on grounded research that shows a positive correlation between mindfulness meditation and improved concentration. It has also shown reduced burnout, injuries and improved motivation levels among athletes. The experiences of ‘flow’ where an athlete is fully engaged in the activity is often experienced among athletes who practice mindfulness meditation. Other commonly observed benefits of mindfulness meditation in sports performance are described below



Cultivating a Mindful approach requires you to be able to control where you opt to focus your attention. Research shows that the repetitive practice of bringing your attention back to the present moment during meditation helps you to concentrate more effectively in sporting situations. Mindfulness is about living in the present moment. You will learn to become aware of the present moment rather than reacting to regret (passed moment) or anxiety (future moment) or simply daydreaming. Throughout the workshop, you will be learning different types of meditations. Your ability to concentrate will improve with each workshop because you will learn to expand your present moment awareness and learn to shift your attention with greater efficiency.


Sports performance is all about thriving in difficult situations. However, the tiniest reactions in crucial moments can lead to great regret and disappointment. The Mindfulness Meditation Training in Sports (MMTS) workshop is designed to train your minds to remain balanced in every situation, good or bad. Meditation increases your ability to cope with the experience of negative thoughts and emotions. Once you start practising Mindfulness Meditation, you will develop the ability to be in a state of ‘equilibrium’ where you will see every situation as a new and neutral situation. It is learning how to find your ‘calm’ amidst the chaos 


Adapting and adjusting to whatever situation occurs in your sporting experience is probably one of the most advanced mindsets that you need to develop and maintain. Through meditation, you will learn to accept and let go what is ‘irrelevant’ and bring your attention to what is important. In stressful situations, we often start functioning on ‘automatic pilot’ and often fail to observe the cues to changing situations in the present moment. What if your new ‘automatic pilot’ could be changed to being more adaptable to whatever was coming your way? Mindfulness Meditation Training has the power to change the existing mental and behaviour patterns to make you adaptable to new situations.

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