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Retiring as an international Judo player at the age of 19 was not an end but the beginning of achieving things that I thought were impossible. Growing up in Mumbai, I never thought I would be able to move to a new country and establish my own business as a sports psychologist but having the experience of doing many impossible things in Judo gave me the courage to pursue my real purpose.

As a young athlete, I had no balance and only this crazy drive for perfection. It helped me to overcome injuries at the age of 12, overcome the difficulties in National Training Camps at the age of 13 and allowed me to become an Asian Judo medallist at age 15. Every athlete goes through peaks and troughs and it’s never as clear as we think. It looks rosy to others from the outside but only an athlete truly knows what they are constantly going through. My purpose lies in supporting athletes to understand and manage that ‘grey area’ between peaks and troughs.  I like to make things easy for my clients because success doesn’t not always come from struggles but it comes from having the courage to listen to your inner voice and strive for excellence based around your strengths.

I truly believe that human beings have an innate ability to achieve and strive for perfection. Some of us allow ourselves to get too carried away and some of us never really realise that we always had that innate ability. My work lies between these two realms- I help you to find that ‘balance’ where your optimal potential will express itself with consistency.

“Every athlete dreams of achieving something that once seemed impossible”


In my own words

I have aimed to answer some common questions I come across from client, students and athletes. It is important for you to get to know me before we proceed with a session where I would get to know more about you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to write to me at sarah@sarahmajid.com


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Junior National Judo Championships, 2012

Asian medallist in Asian Youth & Junior Judo Championships, Lebanon, 2009

National Champion in Junior National Judo Championships, Orissa 2009

All India School Games National Judo Champion 2008, 2009

Completed two months of Judo training at Sainte Genieve Sports Judo Club, Paris from April 2013 to June, 2013

Second place at University National Judo Championships held at Chandigarh, 2013

State Junior Judo Champion, 2008 to 2013

National medallist in Sub-Junior and Junior Judo Championships, 2006, 2007, 2008


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Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony, Bristol Cathedral, 2016

Qualification in Sports and Exercise Psychology (QSEP) with British Psychological Society (stage 2), 2018 to 2022

MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology, 2015 to 2016

Diploma in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, 2019-2020

B.A in Psychology, 2012 to 2015

Certified Practitioner in Cognitive Hypnotic Behavioural Programming, 2015

Certified in National Autistic Society’s Modules on: Sport and Physical Activity, Stress & Anxiety and Autism & Communication Modules, 2018

Diploma in Meditation, 2020- 2021

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