Athlete Development Programme

The Athlete Development Programme is specifically designed for athletes who want to improve their performance by using effective psychological strategies which are specifically tailored around their strengths and challenges.  The programme will consist of 6 to 8 individual sessions. The features of the Programme are as follows:



In the first session, I will be using psychological tools to understand your psychological abilities with regards to your performance in addition to an in-depth interview about your vision, your goals and current challenges. You will get an insight into your confidence, anxiety management skills, ability to recover from mistakes, adaptability and coping skills



Plan of Action

We will plan and execute effective psychological strategies which link into your strengths.    You will have some tasks to complete during your training to see if the strategies are working. You will be asked to reflect on your progress every week. We will set short-term goals which will support your long-term vision. This cycle of applying new strategies will allow you to master new skills and transfer these skills from our sessions to everyday life.



Monitoring Outcomes

In the last few sessions, I will check your progress and review whether your ‘new behavior’ is maintained in stressful situations. I will follow up on your progress after 6 weeks from the end of the programme.




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