One to One Sessions

I hold one-to-one sessions with clients who want to work on their performance in Sport or Fitness. The first session will consist of an in-depth needs analysis, where we will discuss your current performance and where you wish to be.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are an excellent way to target all team members in areas of performance enhancement. Teamwork is the key to achieving desired results. Group workshops allow the team to work together, boost morale and gives team members an opportunity to support each other through their strengths.

Online Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are perfect for international clients. Don’t worry if you are miles away. We can have a great one-to-one session via Skype. I mostly connect with clients on weekends.

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions are tailored to a client’s specific needs. These sessions will facilitate the improvement of your performance as an elite athlete, a regular exerciser or in an office work environment.

Each individual has different needs. My aim is to understand those needs and design interventions that will benefit your performance. These sessions work around building trust, getting to know each other and practicing mental skills. Mastering new skills take time and practice is the key. I will support you to maintain your commitment and take your mental ability to a new level through a therapeutic working relationship.

Sport and exercise psychology consists of different psychological theories which are based on scientific research. The research is based on variables that affect performance. My job is to apply these theories in our sessions in order to help you resolve any issues revolving around your performance and boost your confidence with visible results.

Individual sessions generally last 60 minutes. You can schedule them weekly, monthly or seasonally.

Group Workshops

Group workshops can be held for athletes, coaches, parents, and corporates.

Athletes can learn mental skills to enhance their performance in competition and lean to do their best in training sessions along with other commitments.

Coaches can learn to integrate performance theories into their coaching sessions and use different communication models to personalize their coaching skills as per the athletes’ needs.

Parents can benefit from the workshops through suggestions on how to support their children with competition and training.

Corporates can benefit by working on different areas such as stress management, leadership skills, communication techniques, time management, goal setting and team building workshops


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