Top Tips to Overcome Exam Pressure


The exam period can be a tough and stressful time. You’re battling your fears of the exam and overworking your brain into remembering everything for each individual subject. Where one exam can be easy for one individual, for someone else it can become very stressful and both of these feelings are normal as everyone deals with pressure in their own ways.

As the exam period is approaching, student’s stress increases. Let’s help to change this and make students feel more relaxed in the build up to their exams. 

Here are my 4 top tips to help students conquer their stress throughout the ongoing exam period

1. Get organized

As a student, this made a huge impact during my exam period as by being organised, it made my revision and work clearer, and it reduced a big weight of stress off my shoulders. Getting organized can be anything from as little as taking notes and setting reminders on your phone of the exams that are upcoming that week to creating yourself a revision timetable to follow. I recommend always being one step ahead; therefore, you will be more prepared for upcoming events and you’ll be in firm control. 

Get your head in the game early on as It can be challenging to get yourself into a routine as it is a big change; however, it is only for a short period of time. Think about the bigger picture of life after your exams!

Watch the video below on how to create an effective study timetable.

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2. Step away from social media before exams

For a student, this can be extremely challenging to do especially during the exam period. As a teen, social media can be a huge distraction and barrier to performing well in exams, cutting it down will work miracles for your stress levels. When it’s put into perspective, social media is only a small part of your life and it will not get you a degree, so don’t make it a priority. In addition to this, we are all guilty of getting side-tracked as we are aware of how quickly time seems to pass when we’re on social media.

I disagree with cutting it out completely as you still need that communication with friends and a sense of normality from the exam bubble that you’re in, but too much time on it can also increase your stress levels due to missing out on important revision time. The most important point to take from this is to allow yourself to have some ‘you’ time, things will then begin to fall into place with a strong and clear mindset.

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3. Always make self-care a priority

Your self-care is so important in order to reach your end goal, without this, succession will become difficult. Its all about being relaxed and happy within yourself and knowing your limits. Revision is so important, however if that includes staring at a screen for hours then it becomes detrimental quite quickly and it won’t have as big of an impact as you would have thought. Everyone’s revision routine is different, but I highly recommend working it alongside exercise as statistics show that exercise is a great stress reliever for the mind and leaves you with a sense of calmness and readiness.  

At times, exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you have priorities; however, by exercising it gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping while filling your brain with endorphins. This will result in having five times as much energy as you had before exercise and it will give you more motivation to focus and get more work completed.  A clear mind will equal a calm and happy student. Additionally, revising all day long is not healthy even though you feel that all exams are important. Your wellbeing overpowers that importance. Make plans with your friends, continue to stay hydrated and eat well!


4. BE YOU, and only You!

Through stress, you can lose sight of who you are and your potential. You need to put your stress into perspective and give yourself credit instead of giving yourself a hard time.  Words from others wont sink in until you truly believe it within yourself. Exams are important; however, all you can ask of yourself is to work hard and do your best. 

Focus on the bigger picture, the results don’t define your ability and strengths, and it isn’t the end of the world if one exam doesn’t go how you expected it to. Stressing and worrying over this won’t solve anything, by remaining calm, you will have more motivation to succeed. You can excel at anything that you put your mind to, but don’t let that become an ongoing challenge of stress.


About the Author

Daniella Jordan will pursue Sports and Exercise Psychology at University in September 2021. She has competed in Gymnastics and Cheerleading. 

Being an athlete was always something special to me. It gave me the confidence to become who I am today and allowed me to express myself while enjoying new opportunities. From a young age, I have been competing in gymnastics and cheerleading. My passion for sports and the happiness it gives me are indescribable. 

I want to learn how the athletes manage their emotions, the pressures they are put under and any challenges they face when they compete in the sport. I am excited to learn more!

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