Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

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Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners



Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners is an online program for individuals. It consists of 6 weekly hour-long online sessions going through basic concepts of mindfulness and learning how to meditate and become more mindful in daily life. The main aim of the programme is to help you to learn how to de-stress by learning how to meditate and develop a habit of daily meditation practice. It will also contain some meditation audios that will be sent to you for independent practice at home. The programme will be tailored to your needs and cover the following:

  • Understanding the basic concept of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness practices using the breath and body to improve focus and self-awareness
  • Identifying and understanding your patterns of stress and worry, physiology of stress, and self-regulation in times of stress.
  • Cultivating compassion for self and others
  • Mindful actions and purposeful actions
  • Action plan for self-care and wellbeing

The sessions will take place every week for an hour for 6 continuous weeks.

Sarah started her mindfulness journey by attending a 10-day silent retreat called Vipassana. During the course of the 10-days, Sarah was able to heal and overcome the negative memories from her past that were affecting her self-concept. She had a renewed sense of self and started meditating daily for one hour. Since her experience was so fulfilling, she wanted to give back. She completed a diploma in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and started teaching her client-athletes how to meditate. She is currently researching the experiences of female athletes who attended a 6-week mindfulness programme. Sarah understands the psychology and spirituality behind mindfulness meditation.

You can book sessions on a specific day/time of any weekdays depending on availability. Sarah will coordinate these with you after you have purchased the product.

Please note that once the sessions are booked, payment towards the product will not be refunded. You will receive a full refund if the order was placed by mistake. 

Please email all questions about this product at sarah@sarahmajid.com.

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