About Me

My Philosophy



Individuality is about who 'YOU' are. We constantly define and redefine ourselves based on achievements, people, society and new experiences.  Your reality is within you. My approach to therapy focuses on subjective thoughts, feelings and behaviours of my client. I believe in speaking to the 'person' not simply the performer. The goal of a person-centred approach revolves around the whole person. When the person experiences contentment, the performer naturally excels.



All of us have a vision. The clarity of goals, dreams and desires is a crucial process in the journey towards success. Realising your vision is the first step towards the journey. Do you need to ask yourself WHERE are you going?

Honest conversations, discussions and mapping out the journey is part of the therapeutic relationship. How these visions and dreams manifest into reality are eventual goals of transferring skills from our sessions to everyday life.



Change is not always noticeable.

We change implicitly and explicitly. Implicit change (change in thoughts and feelings) is necessary for the explicit result (change in behaviour). In my work, I facilitate the awareness of implicit change. Knowing what you are feeling and thinking will allow you to see the result of it in the form of behaviour.


My Background

I am currently working at Bristol Academy of Sports as a Trainee Sports and Exercise Psychologist. I design and deliver psychological skills workshops for Rugby, Table Tennis, Football, Cricket and American Football. I also provide one to one sports psychology support for athletes within the academy and other clubs in Bristol. In addition to athlete development, I offer coaching consultations for those who want to be effective in their coaching approach.  I am currently working towards chartered status for Qualification in Sports and Exercise Psychology (QSEP) with British Psychological Society.

My interest in sports took off at the age of 8 when I was introduced to competitive Judo. My experience throughout my Judo career taught me that having a 'mental edge' made me a better performer. I practised Judo not just physically but also psychologically. I realised my ability to understand and apply psychological concepts to performance is what made me a successful Judoka. My greatest achievement in Judo was winning an Asian medal for India in Youth and Junior Asian Judo championships, 2009. I completed my Advanced Practitioner Course in Hypnotherapy from Insitute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Sciences to add to her knowledge of subconscious triggers in sports, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Programming changed behaviours subconsciously.

I enjoy going to the gym; reading inspiring books and articles; watching Ted talks and writing blogs.

Next Steps...

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